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Profile Jan 2014Who am I?  I’m Jocelyn – mother, teacher, sister, aunt, friend.  Writer.  Woman with a few things to say.  I draw deep on a life in education; on being innately observant; on being a listener; and on daily immersion in an ocean of media.  I grew up in different times but my generation learned early to deal with a rising tide of change – social, technological, economic, political – starting with the arrival and rapid expansion of broadcast technologies for popular consumption in the 1960s.   OK I admit it, I remember the first TV set arriving in our street.

I need to still my mind so I walk, create (food, photos, needlework), read, view art, tend my garden, meet friends.  Ideally music is a part of most of this.  I love buildings, architecture, gardens, landscapes, and the fine detail revealed by looking at things up close.  I like to take in everything, aware that life is short and precious.

As mother of three accomplished young women in their 20s, leader of Communication Studies at Unitec, and woman experiencing life’s third act, I have things to share about the me-shaped space in the world.  Through all its rhythms, it’s textured with patterns of sunlight and shadow.
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  1. Nice title and Crowded House quote

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